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Better Vision with zLASIK

Dr. Thomas Nix, ophthalmologist at NEA Baptist Clinic, now offers zLASIK -- a blade-less eye correction procedure. 

zLASIK offers the same benefits of the traditional LASIK procedure, but no metal blade is needed.  Treatment is performed with lasers only.  This offers more precision and consistency in the corneal flap creation.  This may also allow LASIK treatment for some patients who were not candidates for traditional bladed LASIK.

NEA Baptist Clinic Eye Center is now accepting patients for zLASIK vision correction, and free consultations are available. The goal of the consultation is to provide information about the procedure and determine if you are a surgical candidate. You will have the opportunity to discuss zLASIK with our physician and have your questions answered. 

If you would like to schedule a free consultation please call (870) 936-8133. Ask us about our Service Discount!

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