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Please join us in welcoming the newest doctors to our team at NEA Baptist Clinic!
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Coming Soon: Dr. Jeffery Guirand, Hospitalist, September 2017

Looking for a primary care doctor? Click Here to view a list of all NEA Baptist primary care providers who are currently accepting patients!

Building a long-term, ongoing relationship with a Primary Care Physician or APRN can result in significant health benefits, including:
  • More Accurate Diagnoses - A physician who sees you regularly is more likely to notice changes in your health. Better diagnoses are often the result.
  • Lower Costs - By seeing your physician on a regular basis, and calling him/her first when you have an urgent concern, you'll have fewer medical and ER visits.
  • Staying Healthier - Your physician can help you manage any chronic conditions you may have, and make personalized recommendations to improve your health.
  • Trust - A Primary Care Physician sees you regularly and knows your medical history. Over time, it will be easier to discuss private medical concerns.
  • Referral to Specialists - If you need to see a specialist for a condition like diabetes, your physician will be able to refer you to the right person.

Healthy is Tips

  • Eat slim at most meals. Expect to indulge at some meals.