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NEA Baptist Clinic Announces New Physician, Dr. Steven Stroud

"As we expand our facilities with our new medical campus, we also have to increase our medical staff and the specialties we offer. NEA Baptist Clinic is excited to add Dr. Steven Stroud to our team of physicians," says Darrell King, CEO of NEA Baptist Clinic.


Dr. Steven Stroud, a Jonesboro Native and Nettleton High School graduate, is an infectious disease specialist - a doctor of internal medicine who is qualified as an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult infectious diseases.


"Infectious disease is a new specialty offering for NEA Baptist Clinic and provides and additional level of care for our patients, giving us the ability to diagnosis and treat various disease quicker and more efficiently," Darrell King continued.


The new specialty allows physicians to work with Dr. Stroud on the diagnosis and treatment of difficult infectious diseases including mycobatercial and fungal infections as well as infections of the blood, bone, joint and nervous systems, endocarditis, fever of unknown origin, meningitis, parasitic diseases, pneumonia, sepsis, tuberculosis, and viral infections.


Dr. Stroud received a bachelor of science in biology from Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR. He went on to receive a doctor of medicine from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, AR. Dr. Stroud completed both his residency and fellowship at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease, respectively. He also worked on an internship in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, NC. Professional achievements for Dr. Stroud include several article publications, as well as an infectious disease research project associated with The Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute.


Infectious disease is not the only specialty NEA Baptist has added to their system in the last year or two. The newest specialties also include pediatrics, gynecologic oncology, clinical hypertension specialist, clinical neuropsychology, and interventional radiology. NEA Baptist officials stated that the physicians and specialties offered at NEA Baptist will continue to grow through the upcoming years. The addition of new physicians and specialties at NEA Baptist Health System is just a glimpse of the changes that are coming in the near future. NEA Baptist is changing the way they are delivering health care to the residents of Northeast Arkansas. To learn more about the new campus, set to open Fall 2013, visit


NEA Baptist Clinic is the largest and most comprehensive physician-led and professionally managed multi-specialty group practice in the region.  NEA Baptist Clinic is made up of over 100 physicians providing care in over 40 medical specialties.  The mission of NEA Baptist Clinic is to provide comprehensive, personalized, quality healthcare for patients throughout the Northeast Arkansas region.  For more information on NEA Baptist Clinic, visit