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NEA Baptist hosts “Measure Up, Pressure Down” Luncheon with Dr. Adam Woodruff

According to the American Medical Group Association, one in three (68 million) U.S. adults has high blood pressure and less than half of patients have it adequately controlled. On Wednesday, May 29th at 11:30 am, Dr. Adam Woodruff, nephrologist and clinical hypertension specialist with NEA Baptist Clinic, was the featured speaker at a "Measure Up, Pressure Down" luncheon.

Held at Southwest Church of Christ Life Center, the free seminar focuses on the American medical Group Foundations' "Measure Up, Pressure Down" campaign. The three year initiative has a goal to reduce blood pressure nationwide by partnering with large health systems across the nation. Together, these medical groups see one third of the U.S. population.

Led by Dr. Adam Woodruff, NEA Baptist Clinic is participating in the initiative. As a participant, the clinic has established a Specialty Hypertension Clinic staffed by the region's only certified hypertension specialist - Dr. Adam Woodruff. One of the measures NEA Baptist Clinic is implementing includes training/retraining the staff on how to accurately take blood pressure measurements.

The clinic also implemented a policy to review blood pressure for all hypertension patients at every appointment regardless of the purpose of the patient's visit. Additional procedures and guidelines focus on prevention, tracking and monitoring compliance. Dr. Woodruff will discuss how patients can take steps to lower blood pressure, keys to prevention and control of blood pressure, and risks associated with high blood pressure. Blood pressure screenings and other health resources will be available at the luncheon as well. High blood pressure is a leading cause of doctor visits and a major risk factor for heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and other serious conditions—contributing to nearly 1,000 deaths a day. Approximately 79.6% of individuals with high blood pressure are aware of it and 52.2% of those individuals do not have it controlled.

NEA Baptist Clinic is the largest and most comprehensive physician-led and professionally managed multi-specialty group practice in the region. NEA Baptist Clinic is made up of over 100 physicians providing care in over 35 medical specialties. The mission of NEA Baptist Clinic is to provide comprehensive, personalized, quality healthcare for patients throughout the Northeast Arkansas region. For more information on NEA Baptist Clinic, visit

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