NEA Baptist Clinic

Infusion Suites

The 20 chair infusion area, located inside the Fowler Family Center for Cancer Care, was designed to provide the most comfortable experience possible. The infusion area is made up of 4 suites, with each suite containing 5 infusion chairs. Each suite can be open to allow patients to converse or curtained off for privacy. The suites, which overlook a beautiful exterior healing garden, provide ample space for caregivers and visitors, as well as TV's for each patient. 

At NEA Baptist, patients receive outpatient treatment in the chemotherapy suites by trained oncology nurses and physicians. Each patient receives individualized care by a nurse who administers the chemotherapy drugs and who provides educational as well as emotional support.

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Healthy is Tips

  • There is promising evidence that strength training and other forms of exercise in older adults preserve the ability to maintain independent living status and reduce the risk of falling.