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Definition of Obesity

Two of the most common methods for determining obesity are :

1. Ideal Calculated Weight-The calculation for ideal calculated weight is:
  • For Men: 106 pounds for first five feet plus six pounds for each inch in height over five feet.
  • For Women: 100 pounds for first five feet plus five pounds for each inch over five feet.
2. Body Mass Index (BMI)- the person's weight in kilograms divided by his height in meters
*A (BMI) of 40 is equal to approximately 100 pounds over ideal body weight, this is considered

Morbidly Obese and represents a level for which weight loss surgery should be considered. When co-morbid conditions are present, a BMI of 35 or greater also indicates surgery should be considered.

Note: Some insurance companies and third party payers define obesity differently and insurance funding for bariatric surgery is not always available. For those whose insurance will not cover the procedure or those without insurance, pre-payment is sometimes an option..

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