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Dangers of Obesity

There is considerable evidence that massive obesity shortens life. Obesity is also related to many other diseases. Many obese patients suffer from:

◊ Diabetes Mellitus
◊ High Blood Pressure
◊ Restrictive Lung disease
◊ Pickwickian Syndrome (falling asleep while sitting up)
◊ Degenerative arthritis
◊ Gallbladder disease
◊ Sleep apnea
◊ Esophageal reflux
◊ Infertility
◊ Varicose Veins and stasis ulcers
◊ Increased risk of cancer of the breast, uterus, and others

Morbid obesity is a medical disease with serious economic, social and psychological impact. Physical co-morbidities that affect the morbidly obese include:

◊ Limited clothing choices and price
◊ Furniture incapacity (seating in theaters, planes, buses, restaurant booths)
◊ Personal hygiene (due to reach limitations)
◊ Inability to tie shoe laces

Obese people also suffer from social and economic discrimination from family and friends. They also endure this at school, from healthcare providers and in the workplace.

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