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Privacy and Security Alert

Privacy Alert 
NEA Baptist Clinic's former public website was compromised by an electronic attack on July 12, 2011.  Individuals affected by the incident are those people who previously registered with the website as part of using one of the website's special functions.  NEA Baptist Clinic immediately took down the website and then engaged a private, information security firm to assist in analyzing the details of the attack.  Based on the analysis performed, the information compromised includes email addresses or usernames along with passwords for the NEA Baptist Clinic website.  In some cases, additional information such as names, addresses, and dates of birth, also may have been compromised.  No Social Security numbers were involved.  No medical records were involved. 
Baptist is encouraging all persons who previously registered with the website to change their passwords if they used the same password for any other account.   Although we believe that the risk of personal information being used improperly is relatively low, we are aware that the hacker was able to crack some of the more basic passwords used on the website.  If you regularly use the same password for all accounts you create, you need to change your passwords at this time. Of particuar concern are the passwords for any financial accounts or other accounts that are linked to a bank account or credit card number, for example, a Paypal, eBay, or account.  
It is important that you always use a strong password.  Using a strong password will prevent your password from being easily cracked or deciphered.  The following are tips for creating a strong password: 
  • A strong password is at least eight characters long 
  • A strong password is not a real word or name (whether in English or a foreign language) 
  • A strong password contains both upper and lower case letters 
  • A strong password contains letters and numbers 
  • A strong password contains special characters ( !, @, #, $, %, etc) if possible 
  • A strong password is not a date 
Here are some samples of weak passwords: toast, Barcelona, Fluffy, 9/16/76. 
Here are better versions of those same passwords: tO@sT^^7, B2rc&L(n!), F!77ff*y, Nn6xT#Nsvt6. 
It is also better if you do not use the same password for all of your accounts. 
We believe that changing and strengthening your passwords is the best step you can take to protect yourself in this situation.  We believe the risk to your personal information is low; however, creating strong passwords is something we all need to do.  We have contacted law enforcement about this matter. 
If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the toll-free Baptist Privacy and Security Helpline at 1-866-941-4785.