NEA Baptist Clinic

Healthy is being there when I need it

Sometimes getting better is a matter of time and place. And since not all health matters can wait another day, we’re open near you and when you need us.

Urgent Care & Late Night Urgent Care

NEA Baptist Clinic currently offers 4 Urgent Care facilities located in Jonesboro and 1 facility located in Paragould, as well as 2 Late-Night Urgent Care facilities open from 6pm-9pm Monday-Friday. Our Urgent Care centers are open daily to handle less serious illness and minor injuries. Urgent Care has extended hours to provide another way for patients to receive convenient outpatient care without a scheduled appointment.

Need help after hours? Call us at 870-936-9800.

Healthy is Tips

  • Whole wheat flour adds fiber, vitamins, iron, and protein; try replacing half the flour in a recipe with whole wheat flour.