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Healthy is the way I think

Understanding how the brain works and the resulting behaviors is science that leads to better health outcomes.


Clinical neuropsychology is the assessment of brain-behavior relationships through a series of tests, usually conducted in a “pen and paper” format. It has been referred to as a “functional CAT scan,” whereby an individual’s patterns of performance allow the neuropsychologist to make inferences regarding brain pathology and its impact on the individual's functioning. A neuropsychological evaluation is useful for any situation in which there is suspected impairment or change in an individual’s cognitive (i.e., thinking abilities), psychological, or behavioral functioning. 

A neuropsychologist has a doctorate in clinical psychology (PhD or PsyD), with additional training in neuropsychology (typically including a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in neuropsychology).

Healthy is Tips

  • By choosing the sweetest varieties of fruits and the ripest available, you can cut back on the amount of sugar needed in fruit desserts.