NEA Baptist Clinic

Healthy is up close and personal

We're all beautiful in the sight of our Creator but we can't all see through His eyes. So some of the little things that bother us may need an artist's touch.

Medical Spa

Our Medical Spa, located inside NEA Baptist Clinic Dermatology, houses our certified laser specialist - Paula Inboden, RN, CLT, CMLSO/BLS. We also carry various skin care product lines that are available for purchase.

Our advanced Laser Center specializes in:
  • Hair Removal
  • Facial Resurfacing
  • Spider Veins
  • Treatment of Wrinkles
  • Sweaty Palms
Laser Center services are administered by:

Paula Inboden, RN CLT - Laser Specialist

Paula Inboden, RN, CLT performs a variety of extensive medical aesthetic laser procedures; including Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation which is ideal for broken capillaries, age spots/sun spots, rosacea, pigmentation variances, wrinkles, large pores, freckles, spider veins and flushing.

Healthy is Tips

  • Trim all visible fat off meats. Remove skin from chicken. Cook meats on a rack so the fat can drip off the meat and into a pan.