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Critical Care

Critical care physicians, also known as intensivists, provide specialized care to patients who are in the intensive care unit of the hospital. They often train in other subspecialty areas, including cardiology, pulmonary care, or nephrology.

William Hubbard, MD, and Owen K. Criner, MD, Critical Care Intensivists at NEA Baptist, are also Pulmonary Care specialists and sees patients at the NEA Baptist Clinic Pulmonology office.

Our experienced and well-trained staff is available around the clock to care for our patients and strives to provide them with the best critical care possible. Intensive care can be a complex and stressful environment for staff, patients and relatives. Making sure that we are providing high-quality care becomes even more important when patients are so ill. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously here at NEA Baptist.

Healthy is Tips

  • Moderate your intake of foods that use hydrogenated fat as an ingredient.