NEA Baptist Clinic

Healthy is the great outdoors

When breathing in that good country air is impaired by injury, illness or allergy, it’s good to know that someone is there to clear things up.

Allergy Clinic


When the body's own immune system recognizes benign agents as invaders, then attacks them producing symptoms of illness, the result is Allergy. The process must involve "Immuno-globulin E" (Ig E) to be considered a true Allergy. Other agents may not involve Ig E mediation, and are technically not allergies, but still cause illness. This reaction is called a "sensitivity."

Many agents can cause problems: pollens and chemicals in the air, in food, or that come in direct contact with the body. Whether it's an allergy, sensitivity, toxicity, or a mixture of these--NEA Baptist Clinic can help.

At NEA Baptist Clinic - Allergy Clinic, we are experienced at sorting out these reactions, and treating them whatever the cause. We do testing by more modern blood testing, or the standard older skin tests and challenge tests. We can begin treatments and offer pathways for relief.