Medical Specialties

Sleep Medicine

The NEA Baptist Clinic Sleep Center is the first free standing accredited center. It is the only sleep center in the region with all board certified Sleep Physicians and all registered sleep technologists (some of whom hold multiple credentials---CRT-SDS and RN). The facility has state of the art sleep technology with a commitment to quality sleep medicines; which include diagnostic, treatment, and follow up care (all provided at the center).

In addition, the center offers a great educational resource room which includes computers and many references to better educate patients and family concerning sleep disorders (open to the public during normal business hours).

Sleep Medicine deals with those conditions that result in sleep disturbances capable of creating sleep loss sufficient to interfere with the quality of life. Through accurate diagnosis and appropriate therapy addressing these disorders helps patients to improve the daily quality of life. Some of the common problems are sleep disordered breathing, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and excessive daytime sleepiness.